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Basic Rules For Dealing With Kaiser
1. Request all your medical records.
2. Request a copy after each medical visit.
3. Check to see if your doctor has been sued
for malpractice. Ask the doctor!
4. Do not sign their arbitration agreement.
5. If you have an HMO its your duty to be your
own patient advocate.
6. Check the internet for the correct diagnosis.
7. Request copies of all blood tests, x-rays, etc.
8. Check with a qualified pharmacist.
9. Ask questions and demand correct answers.

Travel and Pictures

1. Australia 1994
2. New Zealand 1994
Florida 1997
4. Disney World 1998
5. Hawaii Ironman 2000
6. Florida 2001
7. Carpinteria 2002/3/4
8. Canada 2003
9. Mt. Rushmore   

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